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O365 Security Monitoring is a 7×24 service for advanced monitoring and alerting for customer Office 365 instances. Running on a multi-tenant Azure Sentinel environment, built and managed by us, this service offers our customers a cost efficient option to protect against security threats or corporate data leaks.


  • Real-time security monitoring on your organization’s Office 365 instance
  • More than 15 alert rules configured to monitor security and operation activities for all Office 365 workloads:
    • Brute force attacks on O365
    • Abnormal volume of files deleted or downloaded
    • O365 abnormal admin activity
    • Email forwarding activities
    • Email connections to/from foreign countries
    • Malware detection
    • Inactive O365 accounts based on a specific duration
    • Threat Intelligence related activity alerts
    • Office policy tampering
    • Specific keywords monitoring and alerting
  • Email notification on high and critical events impacting your O365 environment
  • Daily reports including security and operational activities for past 24 hours
  • Continuous alert tuning, custom to your environment specifics 
  • Monthly service reports
  • Threat Intelligence integration, allowing you to identity any Office 365 activities related to/from malicious sources
  • On-demand searches based on customer provided keywords


  • Enhance security posture on your corporate email infrastructure
  • Optimize Office 365 licensing use and consumption
  • Increase visibility into Office 365 operational activities
  • Reduce cybersecurity incident response time for all attacks related to Office 365
  • Make use of a top-notch SIEM platform with no additional licenses required
  • Identify any configuration gaps in current Office 365 
  • Uncover potential data leakage via your corporate email 
  • Access to Managed Sentinel secure web site for instructions on how to action in case of Office 365 security related incidents (customer friendly playbooks)
  • 3 months log retention for Office 365 events


For additional information on O365 Security Monitoring Service please visit the O365 FAQ page here.