Microsoft Security Products vs. Other Cloud Security Products

In recent years, Microsoft has emerged as a market leader for a wide range of security areas, with a high focus on the hybrid infrastructure. In the diagram below, we are attempting to map each of the Microsoft security products to products to other vendors that have a significant market presence. Some of them are incumbents that dominated their space for many years, others are newcomers that could make an impact in their domain.

This chart also shows the extent to which Microsoft expended their presence in cybersecurity, allowing them to provide coverage for the modern, hybrid infrastructure.

All Microsoft products integrate natively into Azure Sentinel, a large number of other cloud security products have full support for sending their logs and signals into Sentinel. For those products that Azure Sentinel doesn’t have a connector yet, we at Managed Sentinel/BlueVoyant have developed custom connectors, parsers and alert rules that allow full integration. The checkmark on each product indicates that we can onboard the product logs and/or alerts into Azure Sentinel.