MAS3 Service

Full management services for Azure Sentinel and entire M365 security stack

400+ alert rules, 100+ Sentinel data connectors, 1-hour response time to critical incidents

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  • 350+ Sentinel alert rules available

    Unlimited access to Managed Sentinel alert rules catalogue

  • 100+ Azure Sentinel data connectors

    Access to Microsoft native data connectors and to Managed Sentinel custom data connectors and log parsers

  • 99.9% Service Availability

    Azure cloud infrastructure guarantees 99.9% up time

  • 1-hour Response time to critical incidents

    For declared sev 1 security incidents Managed Sentinel SOC provides a 1-hour response time

  • Co-managed MSSP service

    MAS3 Service is running in customer managed Azure subscription

MAS3 Service Features

  • Continuous Alert Tuning
  • Daily Log Analysis
  • Monthly Service Review
  • SOAR Automation
  • Cloud Costs Monitoring and Optimization
  • Embedded Threat Intelligence
  • Unlimited Access to MS Alert Rule Repository
  • Incident Response Support
  • Executive Dashboards KPIs and Reporting
  • AdHoc APT IoC Lookups
  • Onboarding Additional Log Source
  • Compliance Aware Monitoring

Managing and monitoring a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) device can quickly become costly and inefficient. Instead of allowing internal security engineers to focus on new projects and core business needs, they may be stuck reviewing logs, monitoring alerts for possible issues, performing device upgrades and providing remediation. By outsourcing the monitoring and management aspect of this important part of your security program, you can reallocate internal resources and receive peace of mind that your environment is efficiently managed and constantly monitored for infection or compromise. 

Our core managed service is Managed Azure Sentinel SIEM Service, service offering tailored to help enterprises and SMB globally to increase visibility into their security posture and to better respond to cybersecurity incident.

Why Choose MAS3 service ?​​

  • No capital expenses
  • Service backed by best of bread Cloud SIEM technology
  • Short implementation timelines
  • No additional software or hardware to deploy​​
  • Reduced Alert Fatigue
  • Our pool of experts eliminates your staffing headaches
  • Meet security compliance ​
  • Pay-as-you-go model
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