Azure Sentinel Deployment

Microsoft Azure Sentinel is best in-class cloud-native SIEM (Security Information and Event Management)

It collects and analyzes activity from across your entire IT infrastructure to detect threats, discover trends

and enable your organization to take action.

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  • Provisioning


    Azure Sentinel setup

    Onboarding Log Sources

    Usage Reports

    Threat Intelligence Feed

    Silent log monitoring

  • Analysis

    Review Azure consumption per log source type

    Identify additional log sources

    Review security value vs. cost

    Integration with other security products



  • Use Case Configuration


    Deploy Sentinel alert rules

    Configure playbooks

    Configure dashboards (workbooks)

    Create log parsers

    Add additional log sources

  • Tune-Up

    Sentinel alert rules tune-up

    Additional optimization of log ingestion

    Regular meetings with customer

    Executive Dashboard

    Knowledge transfer



Typical Log Source Types:

On-premises: Firewalls, Windows AD, VPN, Critical servers’ system & health, Web sites, IPS/IDS, EDR, URL Filtering

Cloud: O365, Azure AD, ASC, AWS, PaaS & IaaS components, DNS

*50+ custom data connectors and log parsers available in our catalogue

Azure Sentinel Deployment

10-15 days average project duration

Low impact to the customer environment

Full integration with Microsoft Security Stack

Full SOAR rollout

*Azure Sentinel hosted in customer’s Azure subscription