Managed Sentinel – Alert 157

Alert IDMS-A157
Alert NameCOVID 19 IP address IOC detected - iptables
DescriptionThis alert triggers when an connection to an IP address related to COVID-19 malware is detected in iptable logs.
Severity LevelMedium
Threat IndicatorCompromised Host
MITRE ATT&CK TacticsPersistence
Command and Control
Log sourcesFirewall
False PositiveBrowsers Adware
Incorrect Threat Intelligence feed
Recommendations1. Investigate the type of traffic allowed to malicious domain (e.g web, dns, smtp).
2. Manually perform a validation of the internal machine connecting to this malicious domain and collect the destination IP address. Validate this IP address on external Threat Intell sources (e.g,
3. Identify the number of requests within a specific period of time which could be an solid indicator of a compromised host.
4. Perform a AV/AM scan for the affected internal machine