Author: Ken Klavon

Threat Detection and Response in EPIC Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Environments

In this blog, we look at using Azure Sentinel and Microsoft XDR technologies to provide effective threat detection and response for EPIC Electronic Medical Record (EMR) environments. CISOs responsible for securing EMR systems have traditionally had a challenging task applying operational monitoring and security controls to these systems for a variety of reasons. Contractual requirements […]

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Defender TVM: Configuration Benchmark Management

By Caleb Freitas Vulnerability and Benchmark configuration management programs provide significant corrective and preventative controls that reduce exposure against real-world threats. While most organizations use third-party solutions such as Tenable Nessus or Qualys for vulnerability management, those solutions come with additional agent installations, licensing, and management overhead. With Microsoft Defender, licensing for vulnerability management is […]

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 – One Page Diagram

Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (MDO) is becoming a critical component of the Defender family as more and more attack vectors rely on bypassing email security controls to reach the endpoint. Initially known as Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, Defender for Office advanced significantly and, due to the sustained effort from Microsoft engineers, has become […]